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Activ8 Group announced our new company name in January 2017 due to the separation of a 12-year business alliance with TOP Group. Our company, Renaissance Resources Inc., was established in 2000 and has created a broad network through independent growth and by seeking mutual partnerships to grow alongside other organizations.

Activ8 Group works with companies spanning North America from coast to coast. Headquartered in Chicago, Activ8 Group also has offices in Atlanta and Texas. Our Vancouver office works with companies located in Canada, and we will be establishing new offices in Toronto, Seattle, and Phoenix to open in 2017.

Activ8 Group provides full-time placement, temporary placement, human resources management consulting and value-added services for Japanese companies and companies that specialize in Japanese commerce. We assist your success through supporting productive and efficient employment practices.

Our customers include manufacturing, trading, freight forwarding and technology companies. We introduce Japanese bilingual candidates, non-bilingual candidates, translators, engineers, quality sales personnel and candidates with many other diverse skills ready to work as soon as you need them.

We are able to provide the highest quality candidates that contribute to your company achieving its business goals by utilizing the latest in modern and innovative HR methods, strategies and resources. We pledge to devote our time and dedicated efforts to ensure outstanding results in fulfilling your placement needs.

Our Services

Direct Hire

Our qualified recruiters offer consulting and support services throughout the hiring process. We focus on specialized searches supportive of clients’ targeted personnel needs. We offer a value-added approach, working as an extension of your organization.
We search and find candidates with experience ranging from entry-level to management and executive level, depending on your company’s needs.

Temporary Placement

Temporary workers are a cost-effective way of staffing. For temporary positions, time is critical — we guarantee an immediate response at all times. Every applicant is thoroughly screened, saving you time wasted interviewing under-qualified candidates. We also handle the taxes and insurance for our temps, and negotiate the period and conditions of employment. When all the details are finalized, we prepare the agreement for you.
For added business security, our temporary workers sign confidentiality agreements.

Diverse Field of Clients

Activ8 Group covers clients from a wide range of fields. In recent years, the demand in the IT-related industry has dramatically increased. Our expert recruiters continuously update their wealth of knowledge. Whatever industry you may be in, Activ8 Group has you covered.

Diverse Field of Clients

Our Support

Human Resources Consulting

We provide clients with sincere, detailed, and prompt services. We listen to our clients’ needs and expectations, and we strive to meet those specified requirements with qualified candidates. Our services are dynamic and tailored to suit each client. Our consultants interpret candidates’ resumes and read between the lines, while speaking with each candidate to understand their strengths. We apply these details to provide the best match for client and candidate.

Background and Reference Check

In North America, it is said that 30% of corporate bankruptcies can be attributed to illegal activities, such as theft and fraud by employees. By hiring someone without conducting background checks, not only have you wasted money, you have exposed your company to potential fraud, lawsuits, and even bankruptcy. A ‘Background Check’ confirms the legitimacy of a candidate’s résumé (education and employment record), criminal records, drug tests and references from past work.

Visa and Work Authorization Consulting

Knowledge of immigration law is also essential in our specialized field. Immigration laws change and become amended frequently. All of our consultants keep up to date on the latest related news, and armed with this knowledge, we are able to assist both you and our candidates in making informed decisions. Our extensive experience working within this field has provided us with knowledge and trusted immigration lawyers to advise and refer to you. We also post visa information and updates to our website from our frequent consultations with legal professionals in the immigration and employment field.

Follow-Up and Support

Our job does not stop when you hire our candidate. We keep in contact with you and our candidates after placement to obtain feedback, ensure satisfaction and provide consulting support effectively and confidentially should issues arise. We can provide the latest visa information from knowledgeable and trusted immigration lawyers. Please feel free to contact us in case any issues arise.

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