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  • Direct Hire

    Our qualified recruiters offer consulting and support services throughout the hiring process. We focus on specialized searches supportive of clients’ targeted personnel needs. We offer a value-added approach, working as an extension of your organization. We search and find candidates with experience ranging from entry-level to management and executive level, depending on your company’s needs.

  • Temporary Placement

    Temporary workers are a cost-effective way of staffing. For temporary positions, time is critical — we guarantee an immediate response at all times. Every applicant is thoroughly screened, saving you time wasted interviewing under-qualified candidates. We also handle the taxes and insurance for our temps, and negotiate the period and conditions of employment. When all the details are finalized, we prepare the agreement for you. For added business security, our temporary workers sign confidentiality agreements.
    テンプ=派遣は低コストかつ有効な雇用手段です。 さまざまな条件期間に応じた人材を企業の皆様の状況、地埋的条件に合わせ、安心、且つ迅速なサービスをご提供・ご提案いたします。雇用に関します各種保険の手続きや税金支払いなどを代行し、貴社に代わって雇用条件、期間の交渉、契約を作成いたします。派遣社員契約には就労にまつわる守秘義務の契約も含まれております。
  • Diverse Field of Clients

    Activ8 Group covers clients from a wide range of fields. In recent years, the demand in the IT-related industry has dramatically increased. Our expert recruiters continuously update their wealth of knowledge. Whatever industry you may be in, Activ8 Group has you covered.
    日本語・英語バイリンガル紹介に強いリクルート会社であり、さまざまな分野において豊富な知識を持って人材サービスをご提供いたします。 近年ではIT関連の分野での需要が増えており、時代の変化へも柔軟に対応できるよう、我々リクルーターは各分野への知識向上をはじめ、マーケティングや候補者サーチングの向上にも努めております。

English | 日本語

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