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  • Human Resources Consulting

    We provide clients with sincere, detailed, and prompt services. We listen to our clients’ needs and expectations, and we strive to meet those specified requirements with qualified candidates. Our services are dynamic and tailored to suit each client. Our consultants interpret candidates’ resumes and read between the lines, while speaking with each candidate to understand their strengths. We apply these details to provide the best match for client and candidate.

    丁寧できめ細かい対応、尚かつ迅速なサービスを提供いたします。常に企業の皆様の声を聴くことで、多様な人材ニーズを把握し、そこから最適な答えを導き出すように努めております。また、一人ひとりのリクルーターが履歴書の行間を読み、候補者と時間をかけて話合い、より良い進路を見出すことに力を注いております。 候補者にとっても望ましい転職を実現するためのサポートに、日々邁進しております。


  • Background and Reference Check

    In North America, it is said that 30% of corporate bankruptcies can be attributed to illegal activities, such as theft and fraud by employees. By hiring someone without conducting background checks, not only have you wasted money, you have exposed your company to potential fraud, lawsuits, and even bankruptcy. A ‘Background Check’ confirms the legitimacy of a candidate’s résumé (education and employment record), criminal records, drug tests and references from past work.



  • Visa and Work Authorization Consulting

    DirecKnowledge of immigration law is also essential in our specialized field. Immigration laws change and become amended frequently. All of our consultants keep up to date on the latest related news, and armed with this knowledge, we are able to assist both you and our candidates in making informed decisions. Our extensive experience working within this field has provided us with knowledge and trusted immigration lawyers to advise and refer to you. We also post visa information and updates to our website from our frequent consultations with legal professionals in the immigration and employment field.
  • Follow-Up and Support

    Our job does not stop when you hire our candidate. We keep in contact with you and our candidates after placement to obtain feedback, ensure satisfaction and provide consulting support effectively and confidentially should issues arise. We can provide the latest visa information from knowledgeable and trusted immigration lawyers. Please feel free to contact us in case any issues arise.

English | 日本語

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