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Press Release

Click HERE to watch the YouTube version of the new commercial.

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Activ8 commercial on TV Japan. This ad was created exclusively by the Activ8 staff, and we worked together for a full day to film it. Producing this commercial was an exciting and refreshing opportunity to build our team in a creative way while highlighting our values of diversity and inclusion. 

Our name, Activ8, is derived from the English word “activate.” It represents our mission: to help anyone who feels unsure how to take the next step to further their career, especially in today’s fast-changing labor market. The ad features our signature number 8 because its Japanese character symbolizes good fortune. We show hands creating the number 8 to symbolize how we connect a wide variety of employers and job-seekers. At Activ8, we build stronger connections and mutual understanding across cultures.

Diversity and inclusion are increasingly important in today’s workforce. Activ8 has been steeped in these values since our founding, 22 years ago  Diversity and inclusion are the backbone of our operation. This new commercial celebrates our own diverse team and reflects our hope and optimism for a brighter society. We are eager to continue helping our clients achieve their goals in today’s dynamic, global economy. We hope you have a chance to see our commercial!  

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